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Michigan's AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month

MI AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month - January 2021: James Ngare, Attendance Coaches

James Ngare is devoted to increasing daily attendance and decreasing the number of Henry Ford High School students who are chronically absent. He not only serves as the school’s Attendance Agent, but he also serves as an AmeriCorps site supervisor for the Attendance Coaches AmeriCorps Program. James mentors and oversees AmeriCorps members, also known as Student Support Advisors, who provide one-on-one and small group aid to students needing attendance-related support and guidance.

From the first day of school, James committed himself to prepare and guide the AmeriCorps members in his charge. He provided them with the foundational knowledge and tools they needed to excel in their role. Not only does he set the standard for his team, but James also leads by example. With clear communication, his team knows exactly what his expectations are. James is quick to address any concerns or issues that may arise. If he is unable to solve the issue himself, he will advocate for the member or direct them on the path towards finding a solution.

James is invested in the professional development of his team members. He celebrates their successes as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. James regularly expresses appreciation for the contributions that each of his team members make. Through his leadership, James inspires and motivates his AmeriCorps team and together they are a positive force for excellence at Henry Ford High School.

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