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Megan Schrauben

Megan Schrauben, Executive Director, MiSTEM Network

Megan holds a B.S. in physics and mathematics education from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Applied Science from Michigan Technological University. During her tenures at these institutions her passion for integrated instruction grew out of research internships at CERN in Switzerland, Fermilab near Chicago, the NSCL at MSU, and a teaching/engineering position in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Prior to coming to the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget, Megan taught high school physics and math in Jackson, MI, was Director of the Mathematics and Science Center in Jackson County where she also served as President of the MI Mathematics and Science Centers Network, then moved to the MI Department of Education where she was the Integrated Instruction Consultant, and currently serves as the Director at Large for the Council of State Science Supervisors.