Requests for Proposals and Qualifications

The State Land Bank often requires professional services from outside vendors. These services may include abatement and demolition contractors, environmental professionals, maintenance vendors, legal services, title services or appraisers. We release a Request for Proposals (RFP) or Release for Interest and Qualifications (RFQ) describing the bidding opportunity.

Open RFPs/RFQs

Newaygo RFP (1 of 3), Newaygo RFP (2 of 3), Newaygo RFP (3 of 3)

Deerfield Correctional Facility RFI-Q 

West Branch RFP (1 of 3)West Branch RFP (2 of 3)West Branch RFP (3 of 3)

Closed RFPs/RFQs

Owosso Woodland Trails Condominiums 

Muskegon Heights Glendale School - Demolition

Muskegon Heights Glendale School - Redevelopment

Camp Tuscola Correctional Facility/Caro Center Psychiatric Hospital

Detroit House of Corrections (DeHoCo)