Form Submission Reminder

In our continuing efforts to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the Workers' Compensation Agency is in the midst of several modernization and system enhancements.

As part of this ongoing effort, we would like to remind you about the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) requirements which were implemented in July 2013. OCR allows us to obtain data from paper and electronically submitted forms. These continued upgrades enable the Agency to better serve our stakeholders through greater efficiency while positioning the agency for future operating system upgrades.

The OCR process requires data to be in very specific locations to prevent processing errors.  Unfortunately, there is very little tolerance for location variation. The Agency requires that all forms 100, 107, 701, 400 and 401 filed must match exactly to those forms found on the Workers' Compensation Agency website, including but not limited to language, block space and positioning, font and dimension.  In addition, when data is input into the various forms, an Arial 10-point font must be used, with each field limited to one line of data.

In addition, forms must be submitted either USPS or through the Data Exchange Gateway (DEG). Forms not complying with these requirements will be rejected and returned unprocessed. 

Questions regarding these changes should be directed to Caitlin Keene at 517-284-8914.

We thank you for your continued cooperation as we move through these transitions to better serve you, our customers.