Change in OCR Implementation Date for Forms 400 and 401

June 24, 2013

Implementation of the Agency's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process is continuing. These process changes require data to be in very specific locations to prevent future problems. Certain forms, including the form 400 and 401, must match exactly those forms found on the Workers' Compensation Agency website, including but not limited to language, block space and positioning, font and dimension.  In addition, when data is input into the forms an Arial 10 point font must be used, with each field limited to one line of data.

The deadline for compliance with the new requirements has been changed for FORMS 400 AND 401 ONLY, to September 1, 2013. After that date, forms not meeting these requirements will be returned unprocessed.

The deadline date of July 1, 2013 remains in effect for forms 100, 104A, 107, and 701.

Questions regarding these changes should be directed to Ken Smith at 517-322-5937.