Self-Insurance Rule Change 408.43

Two rule changes requested by the Self-Insured Programs Division of the Agency were recently approved and filed with the Secretary of State on May 13, 2013.  Both were given immediate effect.  The rule changes are as follows:


R408.43b(3)      This rule was changed to require all public employer individual self-insurers to file annual renewal applications in the same manner required of nonpublic self-insurers.


R408.43i(h)        This rule was changed to permit a group self-insurer to invest not more than 5% of the total amount eligible for investment in corporate or municipal bonds ( as defined by other provisions of the rule)  in any 1 corporation or municipality.  The change, when taken into consideration with the entire rule, expands the investment possibilities available for group self-insurers.


If you have questions regarding these changes you may contact the self-insured programs staff at 517-322-1868.