Overview of EDI Proof of Coverage

A national standard for electronically transmitting proof of coverage insurance forms was created by the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC). Legislation was passed in December of 2002 allowing the agency to accept insurance filings using the IAIABC standards. In lieu of submitting hard copy forms, carriers will have the option of: 1) using CAOM as their agent (who will convert the WCPOLS information they receive to the IAIABC standards and electronically transfer the data to the agency); or 2) electronically sending their data directly to the agency.

Prior to implementing EDI, carriers will be required to participate in a database cleanup effort in order to ensure that all filings are up-to-date, the correct Federal Employer Identification Number is being used, and our records are updated with the most current policy number. Carriers will also need to go through a testing process with CAOM to make sure that the WCPOLS data is being submitted correctly so that it can be cleanly converted to the IAIABC standards before being sent to the agency.