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  • Effective March 16, 2020 at 5:00 p.m., the Workers’ Disability Compensation Agency and the Workers’ Compensation Board of Magistrates is suspending in-person hearings until April 20, 2020.


Workers' Disability Compensation Agency

  • Michigan's injured workers and their employers are governed by the Workers' Disability Compensation Act. This Act was first adopted in 1912 and provides compensation to workers who suffer an injury on the job and protects employers' liability. The mission of the Workers' Disability Compensation Agency is to efficiently administer the Act and provide prompt, courteous and impartial service to all customers.

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    Workers' Compensation General Updates: This will include topics such as state average weekly wage update, mileage reimbursement, annual calculation program update and general policy and rule changes.

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): This will provide important announcements regarding Michigan’s reporting requirements.

    Health Care Services Rules: This will include updates to the fee schedule, annual rule updates, Health Care Services Advisory Committee meeting announcements and agendas. 

    Workers’ Compensation Board of Magistrates Opinions: This is a monthly communication providing recent opinions issued by the Board of Magistrates. 

    Workers’ Disability Compensation Appeals Commission Opinions: This will communicate when opinions are issued by the Commission. 

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