Michigan's AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month

AmeriCorps Site Supervisor of the Month

Great leaders help their team members develop and grow, set high expectations, and provide the training and support needed to ensure the team can reach its goals. As the Program Director for the Attendance Coaches AmeriCorps program, Meaghan Gorski demonstrates these leadership skills while guiding her AmeriCorps members who serve throughout the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) as they address the issue of chronic absenteeism.

According to Attendance Coaches AmeriCorps member Kamyra Thomas, “Meaghan is humble, helpful, hard-working, and determined.” Kamyra says she views Meaghan as a mentor. “Whenever I need assistance or help, she is always there. When things go wrong, she figures out a way to make it right. She focuses on each individual in our program and caters to their needs.”

Each member from the program receives a check-in call from Meaghan and the program coordinator on a weekly basis. It’s an opportunity to touch base, get updates, ask questions, and share resources, but most of all it demonstrates that Meaghan truly cares about and supports each member of her team. 

Meaghan also strives to help her team members grow personally and professionally. She utilizes reflection activities, self-assessments, and encourages her team members to create a road map for their future plans. Meaghan supports the personal growth of each of her AmeriCorps members and inspires them to achieve their dreams.

For more information about the Attendance Coaches AmeriCorps program, click HERE.  For more information about AmeriCorps, go to www.americorps.gov.