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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Learn More, Earn More!

It's a simple concept that the more you learn, the more you can potentially earn. Young man with headphones on studying

Those with a high school credential can earn more than $7,800 more per year than those without one. And those with a two-year degree can earn more than $5,000 more per year than those without. 

Additionally, a strong state - and a strong economy - requires a concentration of talented people who are prepared to compete. Michigan has a goal of increasing the number of working-age adults with a skill certificate or college degree from 49% today to 60% by 2030. Learn more at 

There are many paths by which to learn more - including formal adult education programs and services, internships, registered apprenticeships and much more. 

Adult Education Services Locator 

Want to find a program near you that offers free or low-cost adult education services?  Use the Adult Education Services Locator to find a location near you. 

Need further assistance with Adult Education?  Please call 517-335-5858 if you have any questions or need assistance finding the Adult Education services you need.


Adult education provides opportunities for adults to improve education levels (especially in math, reading or writing), obtain a high school credential, or become better English speakers.

There are more than 100 programs statewide that provide a range of free or low-cost adult education services, such as:

Adult Basic Education - academic instruction to help adult learners improve their basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Adult Secondary Education - academic instruction at the secondary level for adult learners to attain the education and skills equivalent to those of a high school graduate in order to transition to college, training, and/or employment. Services include:

  • High School Equivalency - instruction that prepares adult learners for high school equivalency testing (i.e., GED® or HiSET® exam).
  • High School Completion - instruction and credit recovery that leads to a State of Michigan high school diploma.
  • Remediation - instruction to improve reading, writing and/or math skills, including for adult learners with a high school diploma or equivalency.

English as a Second Language - instruction for English language learners to improve reading, writing, speaking and comprehension of the English language.

Integrated Education and Training - adult education services provided in coordination with workforce readiness skills and training for a specific job or industry.

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education - instruction for English language learners, including professionals with degrees and credentials in their native countries, to improve English skills while learning how to become effective citizens, parents, and workers. Also includes opportunities for workforce training for in-demand jobs and industries.

Family Literacy - adult education services to better enable parents or family members to support their children's learning needs and to help improve the family's economic situation.

Workplace Literacy - Adult education instruction that is offered at the workplace by an adult education provider in collaboration with the employer.


HSE-To-School Program - This program covers the cost of one attempt on each subject area for the two high school equivalency testing options.


For those just entering the workforce, or transitioning into a new field, internships offer a great opportunity to get your foot in the door. Often, internships provide the springboard to a full-time or permanent position within the company of your field of interest. 
Learn more about internships at Pure Michigan Talent Connect.


Registered apprenticeships are high-quality work-based learning and postsecondary earn-and-learn models that meet national standards for registration with the U.S. Department of Labor. 
Apprenticeships combine classroom studies with extensive on-the-job training under supervision of a journey level craftperson or trade professional. Workers who complete apprenticeship programs can earn, on average, $300,000 more over the course of their career when compared to peers who do not.

Learn more about registered apprenticeships at


The primary goal of the Perkins Postsecondary program is to encourage individuals to join a Career and Technical Education program, which can lead to the academic and technical skill competencies necessary for individuals to work in a technologically advanced society. 

Learn more about the Perkins Postsecondary program at


The Michigan Career & Technical Institute (MCTI) is an educational center for adults with disabilities, offering career assessment services that help students explore job options. It is located in Plainwell. MCTI has 13 training programs - each with an active advisory committee made up of people who work in that industry and help ensure the curriculum and equipment meet business standards and needs. 

Learn more about MCTI at