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    Training resources are available to help you provide the best care possible.

    If you are applying for a license to provide in-home child care, orientation is mandatory. You will be scheduled for orientation after you have submitted a complete application. If space is available, current family home and group home licensees may be able to attend an orientation session as a refresher. Please contact your licensing consultant regarding this option.

    If you operate a child care center, orientation is available several times a year. If you would like to attend an orientation session, please view the Child Care Center Orientation Schedule or contact your licensing consultant for availability information.

    Presentations used at our orientation sessions are available here:

  • Orientation for Family and Group Child Care Homes PDF icon
  • Orientation for Child Care Centers PDF icon

    We encourage you to look into the training resources provided to help you enhance your skills and knowledge. Complete the Online Training on Infant Safe Sleep for Child Care Providers to fulfill infant safe sleep training requirements. Watch the Never, Never Shake a Baby Video to fulfill shaken baby syndrome training requirements.

Safe Sleep & Shaken Baby Syndrome