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Applying for a License

  • To apply for a Child Care Home or Center license see the instructions below and apply online at MiLogin.

    Only updated Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Google Chrome browsers are compatible with MiLogin.  You may be required to add "" to your compatibility view settings for the application to be submitted successfully.

    You may find the MiLogin Registration Instructions helpful to navigate the website.

    To apply for a new license or renew a license, use the applicable applications below.

  • Family and Group Child Care Home Application - Original
  • Family and Group Child Care Home Application - Renewal
  • Child Care Center Application - Original
  • Child Care Center Application - Renewal
  • additional info

    Print and read the Licensing Rules for Family and Group Child Care Homes or the Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers and 1973 PA 116 prior to submitting your application.  Also see Important Notice below regarding reimbursement from MDHHS.

    Important Notice: Providers who anticipate receiving payments from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) or the Michigan Department of Education (MDE)

    If you are a provider/licensed child care provider that will be expecting compensation for services performed for MDHHS/MDE clients, you need to register with the Statewide Integrated Governmental Management Applications (SIGMA) Vendor Self Service (VSS) at

    Click on the Register button. Once registered in SIGMA VSS, you will receive a SIGMA Vendor ID that will allow you to get paid for services performed.  Please note, if you do not register and obtain a SIGMA Vendor ID, MDHHS will not be able to process your payment.

    If you have any problems and/or need assistance during the registration process, please contact SIGMA Vendor Payment Support at 1-855-443-6424.