MLCC Approves the Sale of Reformulated Flavored Malt Beverages in Michigan

Contact: LARA Communications 517-373-9280
Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

March 18, 2011 - The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) announced at a recent weekly business meeting that certain flavored malt beverages, recently banned in Michigan, have been reformulated and are now back on the Michigan market. The specific beverages have been reformulated by removing all stimulants, such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, etc. but still have similar labels and similar price-point.  

The Commission remains concerned about the volume of alcohol in these types of products. The concern is that the cans are typically 23.5 ounces in size with the alcohol volume as high as 12% and as such; one beverage is equivalent to approximately 2-3 beers with a price point of approximately $1.99-$2.99 per can.

"I believe this is a health, safety and welfare issue, and see a trend coming to reduce the volume of alcohol in these products," said Nida Samona, Chairperson of the MLCC.  "I believe it is the Commission's job as a regulatory agency to watch for issues of this nature and resolve them.  We have no legal authority to make the companies lower their alcohol content in these products; however they may voluntarily reformulate the products to address the health, safety, and welfare issues."

The Commission is advising parents and adults to continue to take precautions since they still look like energy drinks and advising college students to use common sense while drinking these popular drinks.

Reformulated products that have been approved and back on the Michigan market include, but not limited to:

COMPANY                                                  PRODUCT                                         % Alcohol

Associated Brewing Company                      Core Berry Lime                                      12%
                                                                 Core Grape                                              12%
                                                                 Core Margarita                                         12%
                                                                 Core Triple Berry                                      12%


Atomic Brands, Inc.                                    Mad Ballr Black N Blue Berry                     12%
                                                                 Mad Ballr Fruit Punch                                12%
                                                                 Mad Ballr Kiwi Strawberry                          12%
                                                                 Mad Ballr Lemonade                                  12%
                                                                 Mad Ballr Raspberry Lemonade                  12%

Pabst Brewing Company                             Blast by Colt 45 Blueberry Pom                  12%
                                                                 Blast by Colt 45 Grape                               12%
                                                                 Blast by Colt 45 Raspberry Wamel              12%


Phusion Projects, LLC                                Four Loko Blue Raspberry                           12%
                                                                Four Loko Cranberry Lemonade                    12%
                                                                Four Loko Fruit Punch                                 12%
                                                                Four Loko Green Apple Limited                    12%
                                                                Four Loko Lemon Lime                                12%
                                                                Four Loko Lemonade                                   12%
                                                                Four Loko Orange                                        12%
                                                                Four Loko UVA                                            12%
                                                                Four Loko Watermelon                                 12%
                                                                Four Loko Fruit Punch                                    8%
                                                                Four Loko Lemonade                                      8%
                                                                Four Loko Watermelon                                    8%


United Brands Company, Inc.                      Joose Cherry Lime                                       8.5%
                                                                Joose Cherry Lime Glass                              8.5%
                                                                 Joose Dragon                                              8.5%
                                                                Joose Dragon                                               8.5%
                                                                 Joose Fruit Punch Can                                 8.5%
                                                                 Joose Fruit Punch Glass                              8.5%
                                                                 Joose Green Apple                                      8.5%
                                                                 Joose Green Apple Glass                             8.5%
                                                                 Joose Green Apple Can                                 8.5%
                                                                 Joose Mango                                                8.5%
                                                                 Joose Mango Can                                         8.5%
                                                                 Joose Raspberry Lemonade                           8.5%
                                                                 Joose Raspberry Lemonade                           8.5%
                                                                 Joose Lemonade                                           8.5%
                                                                Joose Cherry Lime                                          12%
                                                                 Joose Dragon                                                9.9%
                                                                 Joose Fruit Punch                                          12%
                                                                 Joose Kiwi Strawberry                                     12%
                                                                Joose Lemon Tea                                            12%
                                                                Joose Lemonade                                              8.5%
                                                                Joose Lemonade                                             12%
                                                                 Joose Mango                                                  12%
                                                                Joose Raspberry Lemonade                              12%
                                                                Joose Watermelon                                           12%

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