Licenses affected:

  • Michigan Wine Makers
  • Small Wine Makers
  • Micro Brewers
  • Michigan Brewers
  • Manufacturer of Mixed Spirit Drink
  • Wholesalers.

Due to the enactment of House Bill 5345 (PA 109 of 2020) and House Bill (PA 110 of 2020) , the filing requirements for submitting and filing your tax forms, payments, and purchase reports (if applicable) has changed from monthly to quarterly.

Your reports and payments must be postmarked by the following dates to avoid late fees and interest:

  • April 15th (covering the months of January - March)
  • July 15th  (covering the months of April - June)
  • October 15th (covering the months of July - September)
  • January 15th (covering the months of October -December)

Monthly reports and payments will still be accepted,  but are not required.

Updated forms and instructions will be posted on our website to reflect this filing change.  Please be sure to begin using the updated forms with your next filing.

Other than the change to the filing requirement, nothing else has changed.  The same forms are still required to be filed, just quarterly now instead of monthly.