Active/Escrowed License Search Instructions

How to use the Active/Escrowed License Search

Click the Active/Escrowed License Search button on the main Commission website or click the example button below:

Active/Escrowed License Search Button


Search by inputting search terms in any of the search boxes.  You may search by Licensee name, Doing Business As (DBA name, Business ID, Local Governal Unit (LGU) name, Insurance Provider, County, Address, Group (e.g. Retailer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Nonprofit, etc.), Type (e.g. Class C, SDM, Micro Brewer, etc.), and Status (e.g. active or escrowed).  The only required field is the Status field.  Click the "Search" button to display the results:

Active/Escrowed Search Page Screenshot

The search results are limited to 2,000 results, so if you are looking for all of a certain type of license in a specific county you should be able to generate a list of results that includes them all.  However, many license types have more than 2,000 licenses issued throughout the state, so a state-wide license search will not work.  It would be better to search county by county and for specific license types in order to narrow your results for a useable list.


The results will display in a list of the licensed businesses by Business ID, Licensee Name, DBA name, LGU name, County, Address, Status, Violations, and spirit purchase figures:

Active/Escrowed Search Results Screenshot


To generate a list that can be used for merging into letters or labels, click the "CSV" or "Excel" button and the system will create a list of the licensed businesses in your search.  Clicking the "Copy" button will allow you to copy data to the computer's clipboard in order to paste it into a document.  Clicking the "Print" button will generate a printable list:

Data Buttons


Clicking the Business ID number for a license will open up another screen that will have the details of the licensed business, such as its address, the licenses and permits issued, tranferability of the licenses, insurance provider, spirit purchase statistics, and violation history:

Active/Escrowed Search Results Screenshot 2