Local Government Unit Quota Search Instructions

How to use the Local Government Unit (LGU) Quota Search

Click the Local Governments Quota button on the main Commission website or click the example button below:

Local Government Quotas


Input the name of a city, village, or township in the "LGU Name" box or select a specific county from the "County" box to search all the LGUs in a given county.  Click the "Search" button to display the results:

Local Governmental Unit Quota Search Screenshot


The results will display in a list of the LGUs by name, county, Commission region, LGU ID number, prohibition status, and current population:

LGU Search Results Screenshot 1


Click the name of the LGU to open a more detailed window that shows the number of available licenses in the LGU listed by on-premises quota licenses, off-premises quota Specially Designated Distributor licenses, and off-premises quota Specially Designated Merchant licenses. The list will show how many licenses of each type are allowed based on the census population, how many have been issued, how many are available, and how many of the unissued ones are allocated to an applicant:

LGU Search Results Screenshot 2


The prohibition status listed is either "Legal", which means beer, wine, and spirits are allowed to be sold in the LGU or "Dry for Spirits", which means beer and wine are only allowed, but spirits and mixed spirit drinks are not allowed to be sold in the LGU. In addition, five (5) localities in Michigan currently are completely dry and do not allow beer, wine, or spirits sales:

  • Fillmore Township, Allegan County
  • Overisel Township, Allegan County
  • Washington Township, Gratiot County
  • Olive Township, Ottawa County
  • Zeeland Township, Ottawa County