Information On 2019-20 Green License Documents

During the annual renewal, a number of the 2019-20 license documents mailed to licensees this year were printed on green paper.  These were printed on this paper in error.  All licenses printed and mailed by the Commission since 2018 have been on white paper and will continue to be in future years.

Please be assured that if you received a green license in the past few weeks after you renewed your license, it is a valid license and you should post it at your licensed premises.  A replacement license will not be mailed to you.  Whether you received a green or white license, as long as it indicates that it is valid until April 30, 2020 and has 2019/2020 in the bottom right corner, you were mailed a valid license.

Wholesalers and the Authorized Distribution Agents (ADAs) have been notified about the green licenses and should be aware that these licenses are valid and allow for them to deliver beer, wine, and spirits to licensees with a green license.