State Fire Marshal Warns of Counterfeit UL Marks on Consumer Products

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Agency: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

February 1, 2013 - State Fire Marshal Richard Miller today issues notification from UL to consumers, retailers, distributors, fire departments and regulatory agencies of the following products bearing an unauthorized, counterfeit UL Mark for the United States and Canada. These products have not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate UL Standards for Safety; it is unknown if these products comply with any safety requirements and can pose a fire hazard.  

Halogen Telescopic Desk Lamp Model No. 52251. Distributed by Globe Electric Company Inc., Montreal, Canada. Manufactured by Keystore International Ltd., Hong Kong, China. The product bears a counterfeit UL Mark. Factory ID: PH(IKK); Date: MADE IN CHINA; E203660. Known date codes of 08 10 and 06 11, but any with designation of Model 52251 apply. On the packaging:

Halogen Telescopic Desk Lamp Model No.52251


Communication Cable, Type CMR. Hazard: Cable is missing required flame retardant elements and may cause an increased risk of fire. Identification -- on the cable: The surface of the cable jacket displays the following description:  MONOPRICE TYPE CM 23AWG 4PR UTP CMR FT4 C(UL)US VERIFIED (UL) CATEGORY6E TIA/EIA-568-B-2.1 550 MHZ CABLE MASTER. Identification -- on the box:

Communication Cable Type CMR


Fire sprinkler Model NX005 bears a counterfeit UL Mark; the sprinkler was not manufactured by Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Co Ltd and the thermo bulb was not manufactured by Job, GmbH. The counterfeit fire sprinkler can be identified by "NX" and "C-I" marking on the wrench boss of the fire sprinkler frame and may have model NX005 on the sprinkler deflector. Sprinklers manufactured by Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Co Ltd that are authorized to bear the UL Mark do not have "NX" and "C-I" marking on the wrench boss. The product with counterfeit UL Mark:


Fire Sprinkler Model NX005


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