Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs), are groups of non-profit and government agencies, businesses and volunteers that have come together to tackle the issue of invasive species in their regions. CISMAs can offer a range of services including information on preventing, identifying, reporting and managing invasive species. Some CISMAs provide management assistance to private landowners. CISMAs are established in most areas of the state. Use the map below to find the CISMA serving your area. Contact your local CISMA if you have questions about invasive species or if you are interested in becoming involved in efforts to prevent and control invasive species in your community.

Note: CISMAs include CWMAs, ISMAs, ISNs, ISCs, and ICs
CWMA: Cooperative Weed Management Areas
ISMA: Invasive Species Management Area
ISN: Invasive Species Network
ISC: Invasive Species Coalition
IC: Invasives Coalition