Press Releases


  • Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: Invasive Species in Michigan
  • EGLE Minute - Parrot Feather
  • EGLE Minute - Red Swamp Crayfish
  • EGLE Minute - Yellow Floating Heart
  • EGLE Minute - New Zealand Mud Snail
  • Invasive Species: Phragmites and Waterfowl Hunters
  • Exotic Aquatic Plant Watch Training
  • Invasive Species: Decontamination
  • Invasive Species: Stop the Spread
  • Invasive Species: The Basics
  • Clean boats and equipment when moving between lakes to prevent aquatic invasive species in Michigan
  • Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers - Help EGLE and the DNR fight the spread of aquatic invasive species by cleaning, draining and drying your boat
  • Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota cooperative public service announcement for Aquatic Invasive Species


  • Grass carp in Lake Erie: A multi-state discovery and research effort to determine the status of grass carp in western Lake Erie


  • Michigan DNR fisheries personnel assisted the Illinois DNR and commercial fishermen to remove Invasive Carp from a section of the Illinois River