September 16, 2016: Stepfamily Day

WHEREAS, Stepfamily Day is enhanced by our strong commitment to support the stepfamilies of our nation in their mission to raise their children, create strong family structures to support the individual members of the family and instill in them a sense of responsibility for all extended family members; and,

WHEREAS, approximately half of all Americans are currently involved in some form of stepfamily relationship and it is important that all stepfamilies are accepted, supported and successful; and,

WHEREAS, Michigan has been blessed by loving stepparents and stepchildren who are daily reminders of the joys, trials and triumphs of the stepfamily experience and of the boundless love contained in the bond between all types of parents and children; and,

WHEREAS, Stepfamily Day is a day to celebrate the many invaluable contributions stepfamilies have made to enriching the lives of the children and parents of America as well as strengthening the fabric of American families;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September 16, 2016 as Stepfamily Day in Michigan.