April 2016: Safe Digging Month

WHEREAS, April is traditionally the month when spring weather encourages Michigan residents, excavators and farmers to begin many small and large digging projects; and,

WHEREAS, each year these projects result in thousands of unintentional damages to underground utilities and pipelines by those who fail to contact MISSDIG811 to have underground utilities located, and,

WHEREAS, failure to contact MISSDIG811 by calling 811 or visiting the organization’s website at MISSDIG811.org before digging can cause consequences including service interruption, damage to the environment and most serious of all, personal injury and even death; and,

WHEREAS, April is celebrated as National Safe Digging Month and the 811 national, toll-free, easy-to-remember phone number connects Michigan residents to MISS DIG System, Inc. so that they can request marking of underground at least three days before digging projects begin; and,

WHEREAS, MISS DIG System, Inc. as well as Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, SEMCO Energy, TransCanada Pipeline and other Michigan utilities along with the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, Michigan Public Service Commission, Michigan legislators and the national Common Ground Alliance organization continue to work diligently year round to promote the national 811 phone number and MISS DIG811.org website that can help reduce underground utility and pipeline damages when used; and,

WHEREAS, the key to safe and successful digging projects by homeowners, excavators, contractors, farmers and others is to contact MISSDIG811 via phone or website before beginning any small or large digging excavation project, wait three working days and then respect the marks by maintaining visual definition throughout excavation. Finally, it is important to dig with care around the staking/marks to ensure the integrity of underground utilities including natural gas, electric, phone, internet, water and sewer as well as other pipelines; and,

WHEREAS, contacting MISSDIG811 can save time and money while keeping Michigan, its residents and workers safe and connected;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim April 2016 as Safe Digging Month in Michigan.