October, 2014: STEM Careers Month

WHEREAS, The Michigan STEM Partnership is a non-profit coalition of employers, educators and policy makers dedicated to supporting the Michigan economy by fostering a culture of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) literacy through cross-disciplinary, project-based education, and applied learning in which all subjects are seen to be connected to each other and related to real-world activities; and

WHEREAS, The Michigan STEM Partnership is addressing the current lack of STEM skills in school children and job applicants; and

WHEREAS, The Michigan STEM Partnership is aware that there is a general lack of awareness and understanding about career opportunities in STEM fields; and

WHEREAS, The national workforce will increase to 194 million by 2020, with STEM jobs rising to 9.2 million, including 4.6 million computing jobs; and

WHEREAS, New investments in Michigan are strengthening communities, spurring new commercial investment in cities, and fueling new opportunities for our talented workforce; and

WHEREAS, Michigan businesses have created more than a quarter of a million private sector jobs since December 2010, many of which require STEM skills; and

WHEREAS, As Michigan becomes more competitive, our biggest challenge is having the right people with the right skills, and matching those skilled people with employment opportunities; and

WHEREAS, Michigan has more than 75,000 good-paying jobs that need to be filled, many in the STEM fields, including openings in advanced manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and engineering; and

WHEREAS, STEM/skilled trades occupations are an important source of jobs in Michigan’s economy; and

WHEREAS, Michigan students and job seekers do not understand what skilled trades actually entail — particularly in the STEM fields; and

WHEREAS, The Michigan STEM Partnership encourages employers to provide leadership in promoting STEM/career tech programs and STEM careers by providing teachers and students with internship, scholarship, and career exploration opportunities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim the month of October 2014 as STEM Careers Month in Michigan.