July 21 - 25, 2014: Michigan Health Plan Week

WHEREAS, the Michigan Association of Health Plans (MAHP) is the industry voice for 17 health plans covering nearly 2.5 million Michigan residents. The number of people currently receiving services from MAHP health plans represent nearly 25% of the total population of Michigan;  and

WHEREAS, the MAHP Annual Conference theme this year is “Transformation in Healthcare”, which is also a passion this Administration shares with you. We also share a number of strategic goals as we seek to make important changes toward improving our state’s overall health, including making Michigan one of the most competitive states for health insurance; and

WHEREAS, MAHP and its members joined this Administration in achieving support for the Healthy Michigan Program, which now provides essential services to more than 323,000 Michigan citizens. This transformation will provide the access to wellness programs that can help beneficiaries quit smoking and lose weight, as well as incentives to reduce expensive acute care services and emergency department use; and

WHEREAS, MAHP member health plans deliver high quality and comprehensive health care services, focusing on preventive services such as well-child, immunizations, prenatal care and many other screening and health promotion services and have the capability of meeting the health care needs of Michigan’s employers and purchasers; and

WHEREAS, MAHP health plans demonstrate their commitment to innovation, quality and collaboration in the delivery of services.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby declare July 21-25, 2014 as Michigan Health Plan Week.