July, 2014: Lakes Appreciation Month

WHEREAS, lakes are among Michigan’s most valuable natural resources and Michigan is particularly fortunate to have shoreline on four of the five Great Lakes; and

WHEREAS, the Great Lakes hold 84% of North America’s surface fresh water and 21% of the world’s supply of surface fresh water; and

WHEREAS, lakes are critical resources which provide drinking water, irrigation, energy, recreation, scenic beauty, and habitat for wildlife; and

WHEREAS, these beneficial uses have been of vital importance to Michigan’s history, growth, and financial health; and

WHEREAS, our lakes improve the quality of life for all of Michigan’s residents and their importance should not go unnoticed; and

WHEREAS, the State of Michigan recognizes the need to protect these lakes for future generations;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder governor of Michigan do hereby proclaim July, 2014 as Lakes Appreciation Month in Michigan.