May, 2014: Community Action Month

WHEREAS, Community Action Agencies were created when the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 was signed into law; and,

WHEREAS, Community Action Agencies have a 50-year history of promoting self-sufficiency for people with limited income; and,

WHEREAS, Community Action Agencies have made an essential contribution to individuals and families in Michigan by providing them with innovative and cost-effective programs; and

WHEREAS, Community Action Agencies are needed as major participants in the reform of the welfare system as we know it; and

WHEREAS, welfare reform in Michigan has benefited from the state’s partnership with Community Action Agencies; and

WHEREAS, people with limited income continue to need opportunities to improve their lives and their living conditions, thus ensuring that all citizens are able to live in dignity; and

WHEREAS, Michigan and the entire United States must continue to promote economic security by providing support and opportunities for all citizens in need of assistance;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May, 2014 as Community Action Month in Michigan.