May, 2014: Leave a Legacy Month

WHEREAS, Michigan residents are a remarkable, generous people with more than an estimated 83 percent of households making charitable contributions last year; and

WHEREAS, According to a 2014 survey conducted by Michigan State University, only 43 percent of Michigan residents have a will and only 21 percent of those having a will include a bequest to charity; and

WHEREAS, All adults, regardless of family wealth or circumstances, are encouraged to have a will, the starting point of an effective estate plan; and

WHEREAS, The Partnership for Philanthropic Planning believes that the American people make few bequests in their wills simply because they have not been asked to consider making a bequest; and

WHEREAS, Nonprofit organizations provide excellent and vital services in all areas of our lives — religion, education, health care, research, the arts, and social services for the poor and disadvantaged;

WHEREAS, Charitable giving through will bequests gives each of us the opportunity to support and perpetuate for future generations those values and ideals most important to us and our families that we cherished during our lifetimes; and

WHEREAS, Many Michigan nonprofit organizations, allied professionals and community leaders are engaged in the LEAVE A LEGACY® public awareness effort that aims to “Make a Difference in the Lives that Follow” by encouraging Michigan citizens to make legacy gifts through their wills so non-profit organizations can continue their work of serving and sustaining the quality of life that makes our state and its communities good places to live, work and raise families; and now therefore be it,

NOW THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May 2014, as Leave a Legacy month in Michigan.