May 11 - 17, 2014: Michigan Manufacturing Week

WHEREAS, Michigan is home to a diverse manufacturing sector that includes transportation, machinery, alternative energy, food and beverage, computer and electrical products, furniture, bioscience, chemical, defense-related manufacturing, and many others;

WHEREAS, One out of every seven private sector jobs in Michigan is in the field of manufacturing; and

WHEREAS, 563,000 men and women are directly employed in the manufacturing industry; and

WHEREAS, Jobs in the industry have increased 21.6 percent over the last four years; and

WHEREAS, Manufacturing remains the largest sector of Michigan’s economy by gross state product; and

WHEREAS, Michigan remains the national leader in new manufacturing job creation since the national recession ended, outpacing even the next closest states by 50 percent; and

WHEREAS, During this week, we encourage Michiganders to reflect on the road that Michigan has traveled as a manufacturing state and the bright future that lay ahead; we join with the Michigan Manufacturers Association to applaud the phenomenal entrepreneurial spirit of Michigan’s manufacturers and their role in making Michigan the Comeback State it is today;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May 11 through May 17, 2014 as Michigan Manufacturing Week.