January 27 through February 2, 2013: Michigan School Choice Week

WHEREAS, every student in Michigan deserves access to the highest-quality education, and Michigan recognizes the critical role that an effective and accountable system of education plays in preparing students to be successful adults in a competitive and global economy; and,


WHEREAS, national research shows that providing students with multiple schooling options improves academic performance; and,


WHEREAS, School Choice Week is an opportunity for parents to feel empowered to choose the best educational environments for their children, and this week encourages increased access to great public, private and charter schools; and,


WHEREAS, during this week, we join with numerous parents, educators and more than 200 organizations nationwide to raise awareness of the need for effective education options for all students; we encourage Michiganders to learn more about the special events and activities that will be featured during School Choice Week to highlight support for school choice programs and proposals;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim Sunday, January 27 through Saturday, February 2, 2013 as Michigan School Choice Week.