Governor Granholm Announces New Transportation Projects for Michigan

Contact: Liz Boyd 517-335-6397

August 7, 2003

ROCHESTER HILLS – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today announced that the state is awarding more than $13 million in new transportation enhancement grants for communities throughout Michigan.
“This investment enhances our status as a magnet for people who know that quality of life is the critical factor when the decision is being made to relocate, buy a home, or start a business,” Granholm said.  “We are partners with local communities, the private sector, and the federal government in delivering a better quality of life for our families by providing improved streets, recreational opportunities, and safer routes to school.”

 “The funding we’re announcing today demonstrates our commitment to a transportation system that is vital for Michigan’s future,” Granholm added.

The enhancement grants go to communities across Michigan to invest in landscapes, streetscapes, and non-motorized pathway development.  The Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Enhancement Program provides a maximum of up to 80 percent of the money required for each project.

The program announced today includes $9.8 million in federal dollars and $1.9 million from the MDOT’s Trunk Line Fund.   The remainder of the funding will be provided by local governments and the private sector.

Federal transportation enhancement funds cannot be used to build or repair roads. If Michigan were to choose not to fund transportation enhancement projects, those funds would be made available to other states for their transportation enhancement programs.
Since 1992, MDOT has funded 1,156 enhancement projects.
Of a total 22 transportation enhancement grants that will be funded, the 14 announced today include the following projects: 
Berrien County

The Village of Stevensville, in Berrien County, will streetscape two blocks of St. Joseph Avenue. The project includes new barrier free curb cuts, brick sidewalks and brick cross walks, ornamental street lighting, shade trees and ornamental hanging flower pots.

Calhoun County

The Calhoun County Community Development and Road Commission will construct a 6-foot wide, three-mile long paved bike lane on each side of Wattles Road, with a comfort station/restroom at the trailhead, beginning at F Drive and continuing north to the intersection of Verona Road in Emmett Charter Township, Calhoun County. The funds are to be used for the construction of 6-foot wide paved shoulders, signage, and a prefabricated structure.

Chippewa County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will partner with Kinross Charter Township to streetscape and landscape 1.7 miles of M-80, Toner Road in Kinross Charter Township, Chippewa County. The streetscape improvements will extend from Kincheloe Drive to Country Club Drive and will include accent sidewalk paving, ornamental lighting, street furniture and landscaping located in strategic grouping at key locations along the M-80 corridor. The project is part of the township beautification “Master Plan”.

Clinton County

The City of St. Johns will streetscape a three-tenths mile stretch of Clinton Street in the business district of the City of St. Johns, Clinton County. The participating streetscape elements include plain and stamped color concrete sidewalks, ornamental street lighting, and assorted street furniture. The project has been coordinated to coincide with a proposed Clinton Avenue reconstruction to take place in 2004.

Crawford County

Michigan Department of Transportation will partner with Crawford County to construct a 10-foot path along 3.2 miles of M-93. The proposed project will commence at the intersection of Business Loop (BL) I-75/M93 and Old US-27 North (connecting to an existing Transportation Enhancement pathway) and proceed northeasterly to the Hartwick Pines State Park.

Eaton County

The Michigan Department of Transportation and the City of Charlotte will partner to streetscape a one-fifth mile stretch of Lawrence Avenue (M-79/BL I-69), extending from Washington Avenue to Bostwick Avenue, in the City of Charlotte, Eaton County. Brick pavers and street furniture will be added to the existing site elements to complete the streetscape theme. The project will be coordinated with an effort to resurface Lansing Road, Lawrence Avenue, and Cochran Avenue in Charlotte in 2004.

Ingham County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will partner with the City of Lansing to streetscape along the “Capitol Loop” in the downtown area of the City of Lansing, Ingham County.  Streetscape elements have been proposed to create a uniform and recognizable route and entrance to the Capitol. The proposed work includes the construction of decorative sidewalk, lighting, trees and landscape beds within the right-of-way of the Capitol Loop. The work will be completed in conjunction with utility relocation and road reconstruction of Capitol Loop roads.

Ionia County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will landscape and beautify a 10.5 mile portion of the I-96 corridor through Ionia County. The project includes the planting of 391 evergreens at selected locations on public right-of-way within this corridor.

Kalamazoo County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will construct 3.1 miles of non-motorized pathway and corridor beautification along US-131BR/I-94BL (Stadium Drive) in Kalamazoo. This pathway will improve the safety of the large number of pedestrians and bicyclists traveling the corridor that passes through the Western Michigan University campus, and also serves Kalamazoo College. The beautification efforts will create a gateway to the community and the educational institutions.
Livingston County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will partner with the Village of Pinckney to construct streetscape improvements to M-36 in the downtown area of the Village of Pinckney, Livingston County. This project is located within a two block area of M-36, which runs east and west through the downtown, from Mill to Marion. Improvements are to include sidewalks, trees and lighting. The project will be coordinated to coincide with an existing effort to resurface M-36.
Oakland County

The Village of Wolverine Lake, of Oakland County, will construct two segments of shared-use path along Benstein Road. The path will connect pedestrian traffic from McCoy Road, north over Wolverine Lake along Benstein Road, to the intersection with DelMonte Road and will also include the one-half block necessary to link the intersection of Connecticut and Benstein Roads, connecting the existing pedestrian route to the pathway that crosses through the Village within Clara Miller Park.

Ottawa County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will landscape and beautify a ten mile portion of the I-96 corridor through Ottawa County. The project involves the planting of three hundred evergreen trees at selected locations on the public right-of-way along the corridor. These trees will not only improve the aesthetic quality of the corridor, but will also aid in the reduction of blowing and drifting snow.

Wayne County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will provide landscaping and other aesthetic improvements to the I-94 Merriman Road interchange located in the City of Romulus, in Wayne County. The Merriman Road interchange is considered to be the “Gateway to Michigan” and the “City of Detroit” from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The project elements will include shade trees, shrubs and perennials, “Welcome to Michigan” signage, accent lighting around the planting locations, and decorative fencing.
Wayne County

The Michigan Department of Transportation will partner with the Charter Township of Plymouth to streetscape an eight tenths mile stretch of Ann Arbor Road, extending from Haggerty Road east to Eckles Road, in the Charter Township of Plymouth, Wayne County. The elements of the streetscape will be decorative brick paving, ornamental street lighting, street trees and other landscaping features.

Governor Granholm will announce additional enhancement grants next week in Bay County.