Governor's Southeast Michigan Office Open and Operational in Detroit

Contact: Elizabeth Boyd 517-335-6397

February 12, 2003


DETROIT – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today announced that her Southeast Michigan Office is open for business.  Located in Cadillac Place, the state office building on West Grand Boulevard in Detroit, the office will focus on outreach to civic and business communities in the seven-county region.


The Southeast Michigan Office will house six full-time staff, including Director Robert A. Davis and former State Representative Maxine Berman, Director of Special Projects.  Other staff directors include: Barbara Jean Johnson, constituent relations; Daedra A. McGhee, government affairs; and Greg Roberts, community and faith-based initiatives.  Joseph Gavrilovich is outreach coordinator for the office.


“Detroit is Michigan’s biggest city and an essential economic and cultural hub,” said Governor Granholm.  “The Detroit office will help me stay connected to this vital region, and I hope that everyone in Southeast Michigan, from individual constituents to businesses, will seize the opportunity to work directly with my regional office on their concerns and ideas.”


The Governor’s staff will be available to the public by appointment during regular office hours, 8 am to 6 pm, Monday though Friday.  Please contact the Southeast Michigan Office to arrange a meeting:

Mail Governor’s Office for Southeast Michigan

3022 West Grand Boulevard, Suite 14-150

Detroit, MI 48202

Phone (313) 456-0010

Fax (313) 456-0001