Granholm: State Must Invest in Michigan's Future to Promote Economic Growth

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May 4, 2007

LANSING - In her weekly radio address, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today highlighted a recent investment announcement by Hemlock Semiconductor and urged that the state continue to invest in Michigan citizens and Michigan's economic future.
"We have a choice," Granholm said.  "We can invest in the things that can pull our state out of its economic slump, or we can disinvest and dive into a downward spiral."
The governor said there is no question the budget crisis must be resolved with a comprehensive solution to keep the state's plan for economic revitalization moving forward.  Earlier in the year, Granholm proposed a budget solution that included a mix of spending cuts, government reforms and new revenues.  But with no solution yet approved by the Legislature, the governor will be forced, due to a constitutional requirement to have a balanced budget, to make deep cuts to schools and Medicaid this year.
Governor Granholm continues to meet with the Legislature to find a solution, but she said, in the meantime, Michigan cannot fall back economically.  She pointed to Hemlock Semiconductor's announcement this week that they will invest up to $1 billion in Michigan to create 500 Michigan jobs.
"These companies are growing in Michigan because they are confident our state is the right place for them to thrive," Granholm said.  "They're taking advantage of our world-class science and engineering talent, and they're investing in Michigan's future."
As companies like Hemlock Semiconductor invest in Michigan's future, the governor said she'll continue to meet nonstop with Michigan's legislative leaders to hammer out a pragmatic solution this month to the budget crisis so that Michigan can move forward.
"I am prepared to consider any and all options that will allow us to preserve the things that are most critical for Michigan citizens and for our economic future.  But I need the Legislature to act as a partner in finding a solution to this crisis," Granholm said.

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