Granholm: Celebrate Michigan Servicemen and Servicewomen During Holidays

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December 22, 2005

LANSING – In her radio address this week, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm encourages citizens across the state to reflect on one of the most precious gifts anyone will receive this year: the gift of service from our men and women in uniform.
“This holiday season, we in Michigan indeed have a tremendous amount to celebrate,” Granholm said.  “Let us celebrate not only the gifts of family and togetherness, but the gifts of our servicemen and women and their families for their extraordinary sacrifice.”
With more than two thousand citizen soldiers from Michigan currently overseas, more than two thousand families will be missing the company and laughter of a loved one this holiday season.

While visiting Michigan troops in the Middle East over the Thanksgiving holiday, Granholm talked to soldiers about the war and their experiences and got a snapshot of their difficult mission they are facing.

“From the Persian Gulf to our Great Lakes, from those enjoying the company of family in Michigan to those serving their country abroad, I wish all of our citizens, wherever they are, a safe and happy and blessed holiday season,” Granholm said.

The Governor’s weekly radio address is released each Friday at 10:00 a.m. and may be heard on broadcast stations across that state through an affiliation with the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.  The address will also be available on the Governor’s Website on Mondays as a podcast for general distribution to personal MP3 players and home computers.

Broadcasters Note: Governor Granholm’s radio address can be accessed through Sunday evening exclusively through the Members Only page of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters website. 

Publishers Note: The text of today’s address is attached.

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