Governor Granholm Eliminates 71 Obsolete Boards, Commissions, Positions, and Task Forces

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February 15, 2005

LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today acted to abolish 71 obsolete, non-functioning or redundant state boards, commissions, councils, positions, task forces, and other advisory bodies.
“We’re cleaning up Michigan’s bureaucratic clutter,” Granholm said.  “Getting commissions and task forces whose work is long done off the state’s books is part of the process of streamlining state government.  We’re focused on running Michigan efficiently and economically, while still providing great service to our taxpayers.”
Michigan law authorizes the governor to abolish special commissions and other similar bodies by executive order whenever, in the judgment of the governor, the governmental body has completed the work assigned to it, fulfilled the purposes for which it was created, or the need for the body no longer exists.  Executive Order 2005-4 and Executive Order 2005-5 are part of the Granholm Administration’s on-going effort to make a leaner, more efficient state government.

Since taking office in 2003, Governor Granholm has eliminated over 100 bodies or positions, including: 

• 34 state commissions
• 22 state councils
• 15 state task forces
• 13 state committees
• 17 other bodies
• 10 appointed positions

In addition, in 2003 Granholm eliminated the Department of Consumer and Industry Services and the Department of Career Development, merging many of their functions to create the Department of Labor and Economic Growth and reduce the number of principal state departments from an all-time high of 20 to 19.

Most of the commissions in the order were created under prior administrations, have completed their work, and made their recommendations to the Governor and Legislature some years ago.  In several instances, Governor Granholm eliminated boards and commissions she created, which completed their work in full and on time.

The work of two of the 71 bodies eliminated, the Debt Advisory Board and the State Military Board, can be performed more effectively by individual state departments: 

• The functions of the Debt Advisory Board will be handled by the State Treasurer, the State Budget Director, the Director of   the Department of Labor and Economic Growth, the Director of the Department of Management and Budget, and the Director   of the Department of Transportation as part of their responsibilities as members of the Governor’s Cabinet. 

• The State Military Board originally was created during the Civil War and no longer serves the purposes for which it was   formed.  The functions of this advisory body relating to state military property and facilities will be transferred to the   Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and will be administered under the direction of Adjutant General of Michigan.

“The work these bodies have done over the years has provided great service to our state,” Granholm said.  “It is time to let their good works speak for themselves, relieve them of their duties, and remove them from our rosters.”

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