August 2005
State of Michigan Flag
Governor Declares Energy Emergency - Ensures that Gas can be Quickly Delivered Where NeededGovernor Jennifer M. Granholm today declared an energy emergency in Michigan and signed three executive orders to temporarily suspend state laws that restrict the supply of gasoline. The move comes one day after the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) asked the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a waiver to lift the requirement for use of low "Reid Vapor Pressure" (RVP) gasoline in Southeast Michigan.

"The executive orders I have signed today will allow for greater flexibility in meeting the needs of Michigan citizens in the coming days," said Granholm. "Area oil refineries are working to increase capacity to protect against shortages, but we need maximum flexibility to meet demand and to transport fuel to areas that need it most."
Granholm Child Protection Package Passes Legislature

Governor Granholm commended state lawmakers for passing her legislative package that denies convicted sex offenders access to Michigan's children

Governor Granholm Appoints Christine White Racing CommissionerGovernor Granholm appoints Christine White racing commissioner

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