April 2002
Dinner with President Gerald R. Ford at the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy

Thank you, President White. President Arias, welcome to Michigan. An especially enthusiastic welcome since you come bearing a great gift to Michigan -- Costa Rican weather in April. President Ford, welcome back to the University of Michigan

NextEnergy -- Powering Michigan's FutureFor more than one hundred years, Michigan has been headquarters to the auto industry. Detroit became the auto capital of the world because of men who were willing to take risks -- R. E. Olds, William Durant, Louis Chevrolet, the Dodge Brothers and Henry Ford just to name a few.
Testimony on Homeland Security before the Senate Committee on Appropriations

I would like to commend this body for its willingness to work on a bipartisan basis with the administration and America's governors as we develop a comprehensive national strategy to protect our people from acts of terror.

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