October 2001
Remarks for the 2001 National Education Summit

Welcome to our third National Education Summit. I want to thank our sponsoring organization, Achieve, and I want to thank this distinguished audience for being here in light of what happened in New York and our nation four weeks ago.

Constitution Hall Dedication RemarksToday we remember our constitution makers. This new state office building is on the site of the old Lansing Civic Center. It was on this site, exactly 40 years ago today, that 144 delegates from around the state convened for the first time.
Luncheon Remarks at the 40th Anniversary of the Opening of the Constitutional Convention

Forty years ago today, nearly 2,000 citizens assembled in the Lansing Civic Center. At exactly 12:05 p.m., they witnessed Secretary of State Jim Hare officially open Michigan's fifth Constitutional Convention. At 12:47, 144 delegates were sworn in by Chief Justice John Dethmers. Thus began your work to give the people of Michigan a greatly improved fundamental law.

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