Governor Issues Statement on International Campaign against Terrorism

Contact: Susan Shafer (517) 335-6397

October 15, 2001


(While in Vienna, Governor John Engler met with Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel and issued the following statement today.)


"The American people have a good friend in Austria. Our people were comforted and heartened by your nation’s response to the September 11 massacres on U.S. soil. Soon after the terrorist attacks, Americans heard reports of Austrian citizens bringing flowers to the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, of the bells of St. Stephen Cathedral ringing in memory of the victims, and of Austrian telephone companies offering free calls to the U.S. for all customers. We thank you for standing in solidarity with us.


"Americans have also appreciated the unequivocal denunciations of the terrorists by President Klestil, Chancellor Schüssel, Foreign Minister Ferrero-Waldner, Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna, and other prominent Austrians.


"Since Austria is a member of the European Union, I also wish to take this opportunity to thank your nation and the EU for expressing complete solidarity with the government of the United States and the American people. We value your support for the military operations currently under way. President Bush and the American people appreciate your continuing cooperation in what promises to be a long and hard-fought campaign against international terrorism.


"Out of this experience we in America look forward to even stronger relations between our two nations."