Michigan Will Answer President's Call to Enhance Airport Security

Contact: Susan Shafer (517) 335-6397

September 27, 2001


Governor Engler: "Zero Tolerance for Security Lapses"


Speaking at a press conference in Detroit today, Governor John Engler said that Michigan would act quickly to respond to President Bush’s call to strengthen airport security. Engler said he would shortly be issuing an Executive Order to mobilize Michigan National Guard soldiers to assist existing personnel at security checkpoints in airports across the state.


"Security is everyone’s concern, and Michigan is ready to step up and strengthen security measures at our airports," said Engler. "These troops will be armed, visible and vigilant, reassuring the public that air travel is safe. No one should be reluctant to fly."


Engler noted that the President has proposed a comprehensive airport and airline security initiative and that deployment of National Guard troops would provide enhanced security until that plan was fully implemented.


"Our policy is zero tolerance for security lapses," said Engler. "No violations are acceptable."


Click here to read Governor Engler's Executive Order calling up the National Guard.