Engler & Posthumus: Gasoline Price Increases Not Due to Supply Disruption; Drivers urged not to purchase gas from offending stations

Contact: Susan Shafer (517) 335-6397

September 12, 2001


Governor John Engler and Lieutenant Governor Dick Posthumus today reiterated what they said yesterday about dramatic increases in gasoline prices in Michigan.


"The steep price increases for gasoline in Michigan are uncalled for and examples of retailers creating panic among people," said Governor Engler. "I urge Michiganians not to patronize the establishments that are engaging in price gouging."


Lt. Gov. Posthumus, who has made numerous calls to media outlets on this matter, added: "Drivers ought to bypass gas stations that are capitalizing on the fears of many people and raising their prices. Gasoline supplies in Michigan continue without disruptions. There is no reason for dramatic price increases."