Engler Praises New High School Merit Award Winners

Contact: Susan Shafer (517) 335-6397

September 7, 2001


Governor John Engler, addressing the 7th annual Governor’s Education Summit this afternoon, announced four new state champions of the prestigious Governor’s Cup. These are the schools in each athletic conference that had the most number of students who were Michigan Merit Award recipients. The award is given to high school students who score well on the MEAP test .

This year’s four new state champions are:

  • In Class A, Utica Eisenhower High School, with 452 Merit Award recipients.
  • In Class B, East Grand Rapids High School, with 172 Merit Award recipients.
  • In Class C, Kalamazoo Christian High School, with 100 Merit Award recipients.
  • In Class D, Muskegon Catholic Central High School, with 46 Merit Award recipients.


"These are excellent schools with excellent students," said the Governor. "My hat is off to all of the teachers, principals, superintendents, and parents who helped our young people do so well. Congratulations to you all. You make us proud."


The Governor also used the occasion to recognize last year’s Governor’s Cup winners since that award was given out after last year’s education summit:

  • The Class A winner was Ann Arbor Pioneer, with 289 Merit Award recipients.
  • The Class B winner was Mattawan High School, with 152 recipients.
  • The Class C winner was Calumet High School, with 83 recipients.
  • The Class D winner was Western Michigan Christian High, with 41 recipients.

More information on last year’s winners can be accessed on the Web at



In addition to Merit Award winners, the Governor praised the progress Michigan students are showing on other tests.


"Michigan students are ahead of the pack," Engler said.

  • Last spring, we greeted the news that Michigan students placed first in the nation in math and science achievement. And this was internationally benchmarked by the Third International Math and Science Study [TIMSS].
  • Just last month, we noted with pride that Michigan fourth and eighth graders who took the math portion of the NAEP [National Assessment for Education Progress] test scored above the national average. In fact, only five states outscored our fourth graders, and only four states scored significantly higher than our eighth graders.
  • Michigan high schoolers, on average, do better than kids from other states on the ACT and SAT. What is even better news is that, on average, more students are taking the tests than in years past.
  • All the while we are getting better results across the board on our state MEAP tests – from elementary and middle to high school students.


"We can see much progress has been made in Michigan public education over the past several years. Let’s keep aiming high for our children’s sake," Engler concluded.