Michigan - the Ultimate Survivor - Wins Unprecedented Fourth Governor's Cup

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Governor John Engler today accepted from Site Selection magazine Michigan's fourth consecutive "Governor's Cup" award that recognizes the state with the most new plants and expansions. No other state has ever won the award for four consecutive years.

"Michigan is, indeed the 'ultimate survivor,' said Governor Engler. "We've done it through a concerted effort to make Michigan the number-one state in attracting new and expanded business. Michigan is on top, on target and on-line."

The Governor highlighted Michigan's steady growth in attracting new businesses to Michigan since the early 90s. "We set out to make Michigan's tax and regulatory climate so attractive to new businesses that Michigan would be their natural choice," he said. "Some 2,358 businesses have agreed: Michigan is the place to be."

Those projects have resulted in 34,000 new Michigan jobs and billions in new investment, noted Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. "The true scope of this accomplishment can only be realized when examining the other states Michigan beat," he said. "We beat California – a state that has the seventh largest gross state product output in the world.

"What continues to set Michigan apart is our innovative and often imitated economic development programs. We are already seeing the tremendous benefits of our programs such as Renaissance Zones and Michigan Technical Education Centers. Michigan has equally high expectations for its newest batch of ground-breaking initiatives such as SmartZones and new high-tech Single Business Tax credits -- both designed to establish Michigan's prominent role in the technology-driven economy."

To qualify for the Governor's Cup, projects must have at least $1 million in new investment or reinvestment, involve 20,000 or more square feet of new construction, or they must create 50 or more jobs. Projects cannot be retail or residential construction.

Rounding out Site Selection's top five states are: 

  • California - 1,448 projects
  • Ohio - 1,131
  • New York - 1,121 
  • Texas - 649

  • Site Selection
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Renaissance Zones
  • Michigan Technical Education Centers