Solid Waste

  • Solid Waste Management

    Our programs have evolved from a focus primarily on disposal to an increased emphasis on resource conservation and recovery.  Consistent with Michigan’s Solid Waste Policy, our programs recognize waste as a resource that should be managed to promote economic vitality, ecological integrity, and improved quality of life in a way that fosters sustainability.  So in addition to ensuring that waste disposal practices are protective of the public and environment, we promote a systematic approach to using/reusing resources productively and sustain-ably throughout their life cycles, from the point of resource extraction through material recycling or final disposal.

  • Beneficial Use Provisions

    Beneficial use recycles waste materials like paper pulp, cement kiln dust and foundry sand for use in industrial settings. Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law several amendments affecting the original beneficial reuse legislation, Part 115 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act of 1994, to expand the allowable uses of the recycled materials. Those changes went into effect Sept. 16.