Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant Hazardous Waste Management Operating License Information

Contact: Kimberly Tyson 517-284-6574, Joseph Rogers 517-284-6569
Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Application Revisions

On May 16, 2019,  the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Materials Management Division (MMD), received additional responses to comments on the Waste Analysis Plan (WAP) from Michigan Disposal, in further response to the Second Completeness Notice of Deficiency (Completeness NOD2).


On January 18, 2019, EGLE, MMD, received revisions to the Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant’s Hazardous Waste Management Operating License Application.  The revisions respond to EGLE’s request for additional information identified in its October 30, 2018, Completeness NOD2.

  • MDWTP Completeness NOD2 - Completeness Comments from EGLE Air Quality Division (AQD) Comments 1-6 (1/18/2019 Attachment Revisions)
  • MDWTP Completeness NOD2 Attachments - 1/18/2019 (updates to A.5 Inspection Schedule, A.7 Contingency Plan, A.10 Personnel Training, A.11 Closure Plan, B.2 Corrective Action, B.6 Engineering Plans, C.1 Containers, C.4 Treatment, and C.11 Air Emissions are provided, below,,under the header "Application and Attachments" )

Notices of Deficiency

On October 30, 2018, EGLE, MMD, issued Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant (MDWTP) notices of deficiency for the Hazardous Waste Management Operating License Application.   

MDWTP submitted additional information for the Application on September 29, 2017; October 30, 2017; and December 8, 2017.  EGLE reviewed the information and determined some aspects to be deficient.  EGLE issued MDWTP a second completeness notice of deficiency. 

EGLE and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) reviewed the Waste Analysis Plan (WAP).  The Agencies found the WAP to be deficient and issued a separate notice of deficiency.   

The two NODs are provided below.

Operating License Information

EGLE, MMD, hereby gives notice that the Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant (MDWTP) located at 49350 North I-94 Service Drive, Belleville, Michigan submitted revisions to its hazardous waste management facility operating license application (Application) on October 31, 2017, and December 8, 2017.  The Application was submitted pursuant to Part 111, Hazardous Waste Management, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.  The revisions respond to the MDEQ request for additional information identified in its August 28, 2017, Completeness Notice of Deficiency.  Along with the revisions, MDWTP submitted a proposal to expand its hazardous waste storage and treatment operations. 

MDWTP proposes to increase hazardous waste storage and treatment capacities; conduct treatment outside of the treatment tanks; add the treatment of (D003) reactive sulfide containing waste; add management of hazardous waste containing dioxins; enlarge the boundary of the outdoor Southeast Container Storage Area (SECSA); store trailers holding drums, not immediately off-loaded upon receipt, in the SECSA; and install an additional groundwater monitoring well in the SECSA.  Ms. Sylwia Scott is the contact person for MDWTP and can be reached by telephone at 734 699 6294 or sylwia.scott@usecology.com.

EGLE is reviewing the Application.  During our review, we will determine if the proposed activities comply with all state and federal hazardous waste facility licensing requirements; evaluate and consider potential impacts that the proposed expansion could have on the local community; and provide the public opportunities to offer input on the proposed expansion.  EGLE invites public comment on the Application.  Written comments may be provided to Ms. Tyson at the address below throughout the review process.  EGLE has not scheduled a public hearing, after receipt of the application.  However, interested persons may submit a written request for a public hearing to Ms. Tyson by January 12, 2018. 

Prior to making a final determination to issue or deny a hazardous waste management facility operating license, EGLE will hold a public hearing regarding its tentative decision. 

The Application is available, below, for review; at the Van Buren Charter Township, Clerk Office, 46425 Tyler Road, Van Buren Township, Michigan (contact Mr. Matthew Best at 734 699 8913); at EGLE, Warren District Office, Warren, Michigan (contact Mr. Michael Busse at 586 753 3839; bussem@michigan.gov); at the EGLE, MMD, Constitution Hall, 4th floor South, 525 West Allegan Street, Lansing, Michigan (contact Ms. Tyson at 517 284 6574; tysonk@michigan.gov); and at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Land and Chemicals Division, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Branch, Mail Code LR-8J, 77 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois (contact Mr. James Blough at 312 886 2967; blough.james@epa.gov).

To receive future EGLE notifications concerning MDWTP, please submit a written request for placement on the MDWTP facility mailing list to the address below.  Comments or questions regarding MDWTP should be addressed to Ms. Kimberly M. Tyson, Hazardous Waste Section, MMD, EGLE, P.O. Box 30241, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7741.

Additional updates will be made available on this Web page as the Application review progresses.

Application & Attachments