Michigan's Recycling Plan of Action

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It’s about more than taking the bottles and cans back to the store.

Michiganders are great at recycling our returnables, returning more than 90 percent of our bottles and cans. But returnables only make up 2 percent of all waste.

On every other reusable product – glass, paper, plastics, metals, organics – Michigan has fallen behind. Our residential recycling rate is only 14.5 percent, lower than every other Great Lakes state, and one of the lowest in the country. The rest of our waste – $435 million worth of reusable materials annually – goes straight into a landfill. But the market for recycled materials continues to expand. By investing in this growing sector through increased recycling in the state, all Michigan residents can help strengthen our economy.

Guided by DEQ discussions with businesses and the public, Gov. Rick Snyder presented his "Proposed Plan of Action on Recycling" in April 2014. It aims to make recycling easier for all Michiganders, with convenient access to residential recycling. It also aims to make recycling even more economically beneficial, with further market development for recycled products.

Gov. Snyder appointed a nine-member Governor’s Recycling Council to advise the DEQ in implementing the Governor’s Residential Recycling Plan so that the state can achieve a 30 percent residential recycling rate within two years.

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