Downtown Lansing Visitor Parking

Capitol Complex Parking Options
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State Visitor Lot Pay Schedule

0-59min (<1hr) = $1
60-119min (<2hr) = $2
120-179min (<3hr) = $3
180-239min (<4hr) = $4
240-299min (<5hr) = $5
300-359min (<6hr) = $6
360-419min (<7hr) = $7
420min+ (7hr+) = $8 max per day


State of Michigan Visitor Parking Symbol

Michigan Library and Historical Center - Enter from Kalamazoo Street

Hall of Justice - Enter from Allegan Street

To enter:

  • Must swipe a credit card to enter the lot.  Tickets are no longer used.
  • Credit card is not charged at the entrance-the machine simply time stamps the entry (the same credit card must be used at the exit to time stamp the end of the stay).
  • If the credit card was used at the entrance prior but not used at the exit, the card cannot be used to enter again.  The system will continue to calculate parking time until the card is used at the exit. 

To exit:

  • Must enter the same credit card that was used at the entrance.  This will calculate the duration of your stay and parking fee owed.
  • Parking fee will display on the screen
  • To use a validation pass, place the pass under the scanner.
  • To charge credit card swiped, press Confirm button.
  • If a receipt is desired, press Confirm/Receipt button again.


Visitor Parking Rates

0 - 59 mins (< 1hr)


60 -119 mins (< 2hrs)


120-179 mins (< 3hrs)


180-239 mins (< 4hrs)


240-299 mins (< 5hrs)


300-359 mins (< 6hrs)


360-419 mins (< 7hrs)


420 mins+ (7 hrs +)

$8.00 Max Per Day


Public Parking

City of Lansing Parking