Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Overview: Michigan Cyber Partners created an opportunity for local public entities in Michigan to contract for an independent cybersecurity assessment from a qualified independent cybersecurity vendor. The State pre-qualified multiple vendors through a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process. A contract with the following vendors is available through the MIDEAL program. Members can contract with any of the vendors selected through the competitive RFP to provide assessment, planning, and coaching services using the CIS controls.

Contracts will be an annual agreement with an option to renew. The assessors will conduct an initial assessment and engage with the local entity throughout the year to guide the improvement of the local entity's cybersecurity posture. Click here to learn more about Michigan's Cyber Partners and the Cybersecurity Assessment Program. 

Check out the MiDEAL Podcast Episode 1: Cybersecurity Assessment Program, to better understand the program. The podcast is hosted by MiDEAL's Program Manager - Shawn Vaughn and the guest are Andy Brush from the State's Cybersecurity Office and Steve Motz with the State's Central Procurement Office. 

Vendor:  Achilles Shield, Inc (ASI)
Contract #:  210000000299
Contact:  Kevin Thomas
Phone:  703-501-0094
Contract Expires:  1/24/2026

Vendor:  CyberForceQ, LLC
Contract #:  210000000300
Contact:  Terrie Mathison 
Phone:  248-837-1242
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026
CyberForceQ, LLC MiDEAL portal

Vendor:  Dewpoint, Inc
Contract #: 210000000301
Primary Contact: Silas Olson
Phone: 313-670-1276 
Secondary Contact: Michelle Massey
Phone:  517-388-1711
Contract Expires:  1/24/2026
Dewpoint's MiDEAL portal

Vendor:  Konica Minolta
Contract #: 210000000302
Contact:  Nitzia Payne
Phone:  703-637-1540
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026

Vendor:  Merit Network, Inc
Contract #:  210000000303
Contact:  Kenneth Trumbull, Jr.
Phone:  734-527-5741
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026

Vendor:  OpTech, LLC
Contract #:  210000000304
Contact:  Scott Goodwin
Phone:  313-657-7120
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026

Vendor: Rehmann Technology Solutions, LLC
Contract #:  210000000305
Primary Contact: Brad Andrus
Phone:  616-301-6305
Secondary Contact: Jessica Dore
Phone: 989-797-8391
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026

Vendor:  RSI Systems, Inc
Contract #: 210000000306
Contact:  John Shin
Phone:  858-621-3155
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026

Vendor:  Securely Yours, LLC
Contract #:  210000000307
Contact:  Sajay Rai
Phone:  248-723-5224
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026

Vendor:  UHY, LLP
Contract #:  210000000308
Contact:  Edward J. Plawecki, Jr.
Phone:  248-204-9461
Contract Expires: 1/24/2026