Road Salt Program


The new contracts for the 2021/2022 winter season are listed below:

For those of you who are new to the road salt process: 

  • Early fill awards - Awarded vendor for your location will contact you about delivery in September/October.
  • Seasonal Back-up - Contact the vendor after November 1st for road salt as needed. The requests must be in at least 50 ton increments.

You must be a MiDEAL member to participate in the road salt program. If you are not a member and would like to join, contact us at

Check out the MiDEAL Advantage series to better understand the road salt program. 

MiDEAL Advantage Image








The 2020/2021 road salt pricing is good through August 2021.






Detroit Salt-Early/Seasonal 

Steve Briggs


180000000787 Compass Minerals, Inc.-Early/Seasonal Joel Gerdes


180000000791 Cargill Salt Co. Early/Seasonal


800-600-7258 x1

A few highlights of the MiDEAL Road Salt Contracts:

  • Your quantity is guaranteed, which helps alleviate supply headaches.
  • You have additional product available if you max out your supply - all vendors are required to keep 30% extra here in Michigan to ensure that MiDEAL Members have what they need in case of a heavy winter.
  • You are only required to accept 80% of your seasonal backup commitment.

MiDEAL is more than just salt! Roughly 500 different contracts are extended to Members - from computers and copiers to lawn equipment and vehicles.  To review the list of contracts, visit the MiDEAL homepage

Your feedback and questions are always welcome. Reach us by phone at 517.388.4558 or by email at