Maximize Your Contract Potential

  • How Vendors Obtain MiDEAL Contracts
    The MiDEAL Program is available to vendors who have a contract with the State of Michigan. Don't have a State contract? Register at and then bid on a State of Michigan solicitation. New opportunities are posted frequently. Once a contract is awarded, it must include the extended purchasing language in the terms and conditions in order to be available to the MiDEAL members.

    Benefits to Vendors with MiDEAL Contracts

    • Maximize ROI
      Pursue additional business within the State of Michigan without completing additional bids.
    • Increase Exposure
      Contracts are available on the MiDEAL website.
    • Direct Connection
      The more than 1,100 members work directly with the vendors to secure the goods and services.
    • Collaboration
      The dedicated MiDEAL team is available to assist in marketing contracts and to answer questions.