Community Rehabilitation Organization Set Aside Program

A community rehabilitation organization (CRO) is a nonprofit charitable organization or institution incorporated in Michigan that is operated for the purpose of carrying out a recognized program of employment and training services for people with disabilities. 

The Management and Budget Act (MCL 18.1293-18.1297) establishes the Committee on the Purchase of Goods and Services from Community Rehabilitation Organizations that identifies, reviews, and recommends approval of requests from CROs to provide goods and services for purchase by the State of Michigan. The committee also establishes fair market prices for these goods and services. 

Committee meetings are open to the public, and committee members are appointed by the governor. 

For information on committee service, contact Genevieve Hayes in DTMB at 517-230-2817. 

For more information about the program and how to request a contract be set aside, read the Operations Manual (PDF).